New Year, New People (and ramp!)


Happy 2016!

Even though it’s a relatively quiet time of year for us, we are keeping busy down here on Lake Union.

I want to introduce you to Joseph, who is helping us out on the weekends. There he is, up on the roof! Joseph is a tax accountant by day, and seaplane base man-of-all-trades on the weekends. He can patch the roof, fuel the airplanes, build things for us… and keep me company, too!  Joseph stopped by one evening to talk about learning to fly, and before we knew it, he started coming around to give us a hand. While we are working on getting the C-172 back up and running, he is helping out around the place.

(I know you can’t really see Joseph that well in this picture, but I wanted to show off how helpful and versatile he is 😉 )

Speaking of building, my “dad” had a ramp built from our upper walkway down to the dock area. It makes getting to and from the airplanes a lot simpler for everyone!  We have been using steps to get down to the floating docks, and when Lake Union’s water level changes, it changes the height of our steps, too.  A ramp makes it so much easier for everyone.

IMG_20160105_111908048 IMG_20160105_111918726

Here I am, inspecting the ramp with Yvette.

By the way, we can accomodate persons of nearly any physical ability on our flights. If you or a loved one is differently-abled (for example, a wheelchair,) please don’t let that stop you from booking a flight with us. Just call or email us, and we will figure out how to make it work for you!


Thanks, everyone, and hope to see you soon!


Toby James

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