Springtime! And, welcome, Crista!

Crista giving me a scratch

Crista giving me a scratch

Hey, everybody!

We’ve had a very mild winter here on the lake. While our friends on the East coast received more than their share of snow, we’ve gotten practically none in our mountains. The flowers are all about three weeks’ ahead of schedule, and thoughts of flying are in the air!

We have a new team member here at Seattle Seaplanes! Her name is Crista, and she’s helping us out in the office. I like having a new person around to give me treats, ear scratches, outside excursions…. Oh, wait! I meant “greet our customers, check them in for their flights, answer email questions…” You know 🙂

Crista has seafaring blood in her veins: she lives on a boat here in Seattle with her beau, and she comes from Cape Cod out in Massachusetts. She’s learning the ways of the seaplane here.

So, now’s a great time to stop by to see us here on the lake, and to take one of our flights! See how green the Emerald City is *this* year. And say Hi to Crista!

–Toby James

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