Yvette does it again!! And, I turn 11!

A newly-minted Instrument-rated pilot

A newly-minted Instrument-rated pilot

Hey, Everybody!

I know it’s been a while – hope everyone’s Spring (or Autumn) has been good.  We are enjoying life here at the seaplane base, and I am delighted to see my pals, the turtles, back here.

But enough about that – we have celebrations!  Our dear Yvette earned yet another pilot milestone: her Instrument Rating!  She’s been training with her CFI aunt Judy at CP Aviation in beautiful Santa Paula, California.  Yvette has, of course, her Commercial Pilot license already, and this enables her to do even more with that license. She can fly extended scenic flights for us, for example.

So, we are very proud of Yvette and her accomplishments!

Meanwhile, I have another click on the old TobyOdometer – on May 21, I turned 11 years old.  I’ll admit, I’m feeling a little bit more like an older dog these days, but I still love to play, and I still love meeting new friends all the time.  My mom and dad continue to take me to doggie physical therapy, acupuncture, and water therapy, and it helps a lot.  Still feeling cool!

Summer 2013 089

So, stop on by our place – the weather is great, and we are ready to take you flying!   We are reorganizing our base area too, so stop by to see the changes.


Toby James

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