Happy Birthday to Me!!!

I'm the one with the blue collar

I’m the one with the blue collar

Hey, everyone!

Guess what?  On May 21, I am 10 years old!

Here’s a picture of me with my brothers and sisters when we were just a few months old. I’m the one not looking at the camera, ‘cuz I was a little shy. I’m not shy any more!

I’m writing this the day before my birthday, so I don’t know what Mom and Dad (and all my Seattle Seaplane family) might have in store for me.  Hope it’s tasty!!  <doggie grin>

You know, “dog years” and “people years” are measured a little differently. According to Cesar Millan, the “Dog Whisperer“, I’m about 53 in human years.  Or, according to some other calculations, I would be in my mid-60s if I were a human.

What I know is that I feel great!  And I have a great life.  I’m happy to be starting another decade!

Come see me – I’d love to see you!  And I wish you well on  your birthday, too (hey, how about a seaplane ride for your birthday, or somebody else’s?  Hmm… there’s a thought!)


-Toby James


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