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“Numberrrrrrr 7 (?) Toby Wan Kenobi!”

Hey, everyone, Here at Seattle Seaplanes, we’ve become quite the fans of roller derby!  Seattle is home to the famous Rat City Roller Girls, a league composed of four rough & tough derby teams.  My “mom and dad,” and several … Continue reading

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Dads, Grad, and Seaplanes – and congrats, Kirk!

Hey, everyone, It’s sure been busy around here!  We’re really getting into the season now, what with the weather (finally!) getting summery, and people wrapping up another school year.  In the past week alone, we’re carried many proud graduates (and … Continue reading

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And the checkrides just keep a’comin’!

So, we did six checkrides in the month of May.  That’s a lot!  And it’s a lot of fun, too. Our most recent seaplane pilots are both active in other, very interesting areas of aviation.  One’s the chief engineer for … Continue reading

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