Yvette becomes a Commercial Pilot!!

Commercial pilot!  (photobombed by the Space Needle)

Commercial pilot! (photobombed by the Space Needle)


Hey, everybody,

It’s been a really busy summer – a dog hasn’t had any time to write a blog, in fact! But we wrapped up summer in the most exciting way – our dear Yvette is now a Commercial Pilot!

That means that when you come to our place to take a scenic flight, Yvette will now (most likely) be your pilot!

This is really special, you guys. Yvette learned to fly here at Seattle Seaplanes: she took her first flight lesson with us, and she stuck it out for her Private license. She went on to get a land plane rating, too, but her heart is (and has always been) with seaplanes. She’s part of our family, and that makes me extra proud.

My dad is very proud of Yvette

My dad is very proud of Yvette

If you’re curious about what it takes to become a Commercial pilot, or what the differences are between pilot certificates, here are the specs. Basically, you start as a Private pilot, gain some experience, then do some advanced training and bookwork (which Yvette aced, by the way) for the Commercial.


So, come see us!  And congratulations to Yvette!


We love each other


Toby James

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