And the checkrides just keep a’comin’!

So, we did six checkrides in the month of May.  That’s a lot!  And it’s a lot of fun, too.

Our most recent seaplane pilots are both active in other, very interesting areas of aviation.  One’s the chief engineer for the Shuttleworth Collection, all the way “across the pond” in the United Kingdom.  The other pilot flies a C-17 Globemaster for the United States Air Force.  We’re all honored that these pilots chose to fly with us for a few days, and experience life on the water!

Jean-Michel, and my friend Kit, his instructor

Paul, in his "civvies"

The Shuttleworth Collection is billed as the home of the “Edwardian Flying Machines,” and it includes some fascinating old airplane (or “aeroplanes” as they say over there.)  Jean-Michel is their Chief Engineer, and he was in town for a few days. He took one lesson with us, just for the fun of it, and decided to get his rating while he was in town!

Paul flies the “big iron” for the Air Force, out of Joint Base Lewis-McChord, which is south of Seattle.  He took delight in flying an airplane “low & slow,” and we had lots of fun flying with him, too.

See?  If you’re a pilot who’s been dreaming about getting a seaplane rating, what are you waiting for?   We’re ready for you!  And if we’re good enough to teach those who fly antique aircraft, or the big jets for the Air Force, imagine what fun we can have flying with you!


Toby James

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