“Numberrrrrrr 7 (?) Toby Wan Kenobi!”

I like chasing rats, does that count?!

Hey, everyone,

Here at Seattle Seaplanes, we’ve become quite the fans of roller derby!  Seattle is home to the famous Rat City Roller Girls, a league composed of four rough & tough derby teams.  My “mom and dad,” and several of our employees, have faithfully attended several bouts now, and Seattle Seaplanes is even advertising in the bout programs!

What is roller derby?  The Rat City web site explains it a lot better than I can, but it looks like hell on wheels!  It’s a great sport for women, who, during the day, might be doing something like teaching in an elementary school, or working as a doctor, or pulling shots of espresso.  Come bout time, though, and these ladies are transformed into rolling marauders, with derby names like “Carmen Getsome”, “Kamikazi Kim”, or “Valtron 3000.”   They skate around and around the flat track, hoping to score points, and inflict some pain on the opponents. Wow!

I decided my Derby Name should be “Toby Wan Kenobi,”  in honor of that most noble of Jedi Knights.  What do you think?

Come support roller derby with us – see you at the bout!


Toby James

p.s.  I don’t know who really is #7 – I hope she doesn’t mind me “borrowing” her number….

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