Beloved visitors….. and water therapy

Athens and Toby

My friend Athens…. my friend Yvette’s mother!

Hey, everyone!

It’s starting to get busy down here at the lake. And we’ve been lucky – we’ve had visits from some wonderful friends.  And, I’ve started water therapy for my arthritis!

First things first: Yvette’s mom, Athens, came to visit us recently. She’s been here before, and it’s always great to see her. She went on a scenic flight with my friend Kit, and just raved about it afterwards!  Athens is a really talented woman.  She has a couple of web sites, and – check ’em out!  Lots of pictures, videos, stories, musings, about life, beauty, gardening, banjos (yes, really!!)  You’ll enjoy the trip!

Next up: one of Kit’s friends from way, way back — all the way to junior high! Kit and her friend Candie went to the same junior high school, senior high school (go, Rangers!) and college (Go, Saints!)

KW and CC

For the purple and the gold team!!

Candie has worked for many years at their school, Carroll College, and was in town on college business.  Kit took her for a ride around Seattle.



Now, about that water therapy…..  well, I hate to admit it, but I’m getting older, and with age comes a bit of arthritis.  My “parents” found a clinic here in Seattle where they do hydrotherapy with dogs to help ease arthritis.  So, about once a week, I’m off to the pool for exercise and a massage!

Toby Swim

Dad’s starting to call me “Johnny Weismueller”

I do like it, despite what it looks like here, haha! And they told me that I’m the strongest Doberman they’ve ever worked with.  Not that I’m bragging or anything…..

So, why don’t you stop by and ask me how my therapy’s going?  And take a scenic ride like my friends Athens and Candie?  Hope to see you soon!


Toby James

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