C’est magnifique! “Occupation Double” comes to Seattle Seaplanes!

Recently, we had real, live TV stars at Seattle Seaplanes!  Let me tell you about it, because it was exciting!

Jo-Eve and Charles, excited for their flight!

There is a TV show from Quebec, Canada, that’s called “Occupation Double.”  It’s a reality show in which guys and gals compete for each other’s affections It’s been showing on the TV for several seasons now, and this season, everyone shared a house up in Whistler, BC. That’s just up the road from us.  At a certain point, the producers wanted one of the couples to come to Seattle to take a scenic flight. Just the two of them (plus a camera person, plus one of our trusty pilots, of course)

(If you don’t understand French, you can learn a little more about the show, in English, here.  Me, I’m lucky – dogs can speak-and understand-any language!)

Two of the contestants, Charles (‘Chuck’) and Jo-Eve (‘Jo’) came to Seattle to take a scenic flight, under the watchful eye of the cameras. Although it wasn’t the greatest day for a flight, they enjoyed it, and had big smiles, even when the camera wasn’t on 🙂

Their schedule was such that we didn’t get a chance to play with my toys, but I did hear one of them remark  “Quel beau chiot chien.” 

The stars with their pilot-to-the-stars, Kit

Do what the stars do!  Come take a flight with us (and play with me!)


Toby James

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