Cleaning up for the new year!

Kareen, the Cleanin' Machine!

Hey, everybody,

Happy New Year! I hope you all had good holidays.  I know I did!  Among other things, I got a stylin’ new collar – I’ll show you a picture in a minute.  Meanwhile, I have to tell you about my friend Kareen, because she did something really good for us recently.  She got into our little rowboat and rowed around our docks, picking up stuff that shouldn’t be there, and just generally tidying up the place.  Thanks, Kareen!  (You can thank her yourself if you drop by on Sundays.  Which would be a great time to take a flight…. hint, hint!)

Meanwhile, I’m keeping cozy inside by the heater.  See my new collar?


Keeping warm inside

Stop by to see us!


Toby James



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