Friends and visitors and “summer camp”

Nate, Kit, John, Steven, and me!

Nate, Kit, John, Steven, and me!


Hey, everybody!

We’re busy as my dad’s honeybees around here these days!  Spring’s sliding into summer, the cruise ships are back in town, and people are starting to think about seaplanes!  It always seems to be more fun when the sun is shining, although we think it’s beautiful any time you go….

We have a new pilot in town!  His name is John, and he’s here for some flying this summer (when he’s not flying his corporate jet, that is.)  John has quite a varied flying career, and I’m glad he’s here.  He’ll be flying here when he can, and he calls it his “summer camp.”  Yay!

Coincidentally, two of John’s friends, who are also friends of my pal Kit, were in town recently:  Steven and Nate.  Steven is the Executive Director of the National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA,)  and Nate is his partner. John and Kit are also members.  It’s a fine organization with lots of outreach – John is here this summer because he met Kit at a NGPA meetup in Palm Springs earlier this year!  If you’d like more information about this fabulous group, click here.

Stop on by to see us this summer – and meet John!





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