Holiday Season – and Congrats, Megan!


Hey, everybody, Would you believe it?  It’s the holiday season again!  I can’t believe it, either.  Seems like only yesterday we were basking in the sun…  My friend Megan from Alaska doesn’t mind, though – she’s our newest ASES-rated pilot!  She came down from the North to get her rating with us, and I had a lot of fun hearing about my cousins the sled dogs and such.  My pal James was happy to fly with her as her CFI, too.   If you’re wondering what on earth to give as a gift this year, how about a seaplane flight?   I guarantee your recipient(s) will love it!   Here’s another thought for the holidays:  make a donation to a local food bank or pet shelter.  Your fellow humans, and my fellow animals, will love you for it.  Cheers,Toby James

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