Love is in the air!

When you fly with your sweetie, everything looks like a big ol' heart from the air!

Hello, my friends,
Valentines Day is coming – and love is in the air!  Even though Dobermans have the reputation of being fierce, I’m “a lover, not a fighter,” as the saying goes.  I have a great idea for you and your sweetie:  a romantic, scenic flight over Seattle!
I want to share the romance of the day with  you, so I came up with an idea:  come take a flight with us on February 14, and we’ll give you a rose to give to your sweetie on that flight!  And a suitable-for-framing picture to capture the sweet memory.

Won't you be mine?

You know, instead of waiting in line at the florists, or the chocolate shop, you could be soaring above the city. Making memories that last a lot longer than a few days or weeks.  Think about it……..  
So, give us a call today, or send us an email to book your Valentines Day flight! 
(or any other flight, yeah?)
Toby James
(cover photo courtesy of
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