New San Diego Seaplane pilots!

Gimme five, guys!

Hey, everyone,

Hope you’re having a great autumn season (or springtime, if you’re down where my friend Merisha lives!)

We recently had two fun guys come to see us, all the way from San Diego. They came just to get their ASES ratings.  Zach is a CFI down there, and Jason is his pal and student.  In fact, the ink is barely dry on Jason’s private pilot certificate, and here he is, adding more qualifications to his new pilot life!


We enjoyed having them around (esp. me, because they like to play with me and give me dog cookies!)  Remember, it takes just a few days, and my pilot pals tell me it’s the most fun they’ve had in an airplane.  If you’re a pilot yourself, why not join the seaplane pilot community and get your ASES, too?


Congrats, Zach and Jason! (and to their CFI, James!)



Toby James

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