Turnin’ wrenches…..

The "girls" helping move the new engine out to the airplane

Hey, gang,

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Seattle Seaplanes.  We’ve got a project going on right now which is all the more exciting because it’s outside and over water.  AND, it’s being crewed by nearly all females!  And my dad, of course.

What am I talking about?  Well, those of you who know anything about airplanes know that those planes have to be inspected & maintained on a rigorous schedule.  (if you really want to read about it, you can do so here.) And, that at a certain point, crucial parts have to be replaced altogether, even if the previous part is working just fine. It’s the reason why airplanes are so safe for travel, and why a seemingly “old” airplane can go on forever!

My dad loves his planes.  No, let me say that this way:  he LOVES his planes. And he takes care of them that way – better than just the regulations call for.

So, it’s time to replace the engine in our trusty old Cessna 172, N5721T (or “Two-One Tango”)  And my dad Jim has his trusty crew of mechanics-in-training to help him with the work.  They just happen to all be female. :-)  Jennie, Heather, and Christine are helping with the work.

Those of you who know something about planes can also imagine that this kind of work usually gets done in a nice, heated hangar with a concrete floor, and a radio playing. Well, when you have an airplane on straight floats, that’s kinda hard to do. My dad knows what he’s doing, though, so he can do this work outside over the lake without any problems. Who needs a hangar?!

His faithful gang of workers soldier on through the cold and wet, and absolutely love the experience.  (me, I like staying inside next to the heater!)

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures to show what we’re up to.  Check our Facebook page to see more!

Checking out the new engine


Toby James

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