Way to go, Alex!!

Hey Alex! Gimme five!!

Hey, everybody,

As summer is starting to wind down, we have a pilot whose flying life is just starting up!  My friend Alex flew his first solo flight!

The solo flight is a very important rite of passage for a pilot, but that probably goes without saying.  It’s important for a pilot to become comfortable and confident in the airplane without an instructor on board.  And when you’re a smooth, skilled pilot like Alex, it looks easy!  (He reports he was pretty nervous, but you’d never be able to tell.)

Alex attends Ballard High School (go Beavers), and will be able to go back to school with the coolest “what I did on my summer vacation” story — “Yeah, I flew an airplane all by myself.  And they let me do it again, too!”

Alex, when he’s not flying, is probably playing lacrosse, or maybe working on video clips.  I’m glad he’s flying with us, and I’m proud to call him my friend.

Congratulations, Alex!!


Toby James

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