Congrats to Alex and Jeff!

My friend Alex, all smiles after his checkride!
Jeff and I share a laugh on the dock!

So, we had a couple of checkrides this week!  My friends Alex and Jeff recently became ASES-rated pilots, and I couldn’t be happier for them.

 Alex came to us from California, but he was born in Russia, so I learned some Russian from him.  I learned I am a собака, pronounced by English-speakers as “suh-BAH-kuh.”  That’s “dog” in Russian 🙂

 Jeff is studying in the AMT program at South Seattle Community College, along with two of our stellar employees Jennie and Heather!  He’s also a recent graduate of Rocky Mountain College in Montana, with a degree in Aeronautical Science.  Wow!  He and his instructor, my friend Kit, had a lot of fun talking about Montana.

Hey – why don’t YOU come fly with us?  I’d love to share some laughs with you, too!


Toby James

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