On top of the world! (Africa, at least)

Becky's getting me in shape for the next climb!

I want to tell you about something really cool that one of our pilots did recently. My friend Becky, who flies for us here, recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro!  Wow!

Mount Kilimanjaro is  the highest point on the African continent, soaring up to 19,336 feet, or nearly 5900 meters. That’s really up there. And Becky went up using her own two feet!  And the skills & services of the wonderful porters, who carried everything, from food coolers to tents to chairs to backpacks, on their heads!  (not all those things were Becky’s, by the way.)

Why Kilimanjaro?  Because it’s in the middle of the world – a snow-covered mountain near the Equator. It’s the top of Africa.  And, of course, “because it’s there.” 

Becky told us that it was a hard climb from about 15,000 feet on up, but the stars were “amazing,” and she was somewhat surprised at the sheer physical & emotional effort of it all.  Also, she discovered that “gaiters are essential for civilized life.”  And, that she could survive for six days without a shower!  (hey, we dogs go longer than that…. ok, yeah, sometimes we shouldn’t, but…)

Becky’s done some high-altitude flying, and she was amazed to have a similiar view of the landscape as when she’s flying up high. But, the coming-down part “hurt.”  I’ll bet!

What’s next for our intrepid climber?  Probably Mt. Rainier, in our own backyard. Becky’s made it to 12000 feet on Mt. Rainer, and now she’d like to tackle the whole 14, 410 feet of it.

I don’t think dogs would do very well on a Kilimanjaro climb. I guess I’ll just stay here and listen to the stories.  Way to go, Becky!


Toby James

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