Dawg days of summer

A Flying Dawg?!

So, I hope you’re all enjoying summer (or winter, if you’re “down under.” )  We’re sliding into August, and the days here on the lake have been starting out a bit cloudy, then warming up to just the right temperature.  It’s great for flying.

And we had a distinguished guest this week – my friend Kit’s dear friend, Dr. Harry Bruce, who is the Dean of the Information School (“iSchool”) at the University of Washington.  (And, the University of Washington is the home of the Huskies, hence, the ‘Dawg’ days of summer – see what I did there?)

Kit and Harry enjoyed an introductory flight together, and marvelled at the beautiful “UDub” campus from the air.  They even peeked at Harry & wife Lorraine’s house from the air, too — it’s always fun to see your own house from 1,000 feet above.  Makes the garden and the deck and so forth look even better, sometimes.

And here’s something else that I think is cool – Harry and Lorraine are originally from Australia!  As in “down under!”  Another place I love to hear about……..

Harry’s flight was a gift from my friend Nancy, who teaches at the iSchool.  I’m telling you this because maybe you have somebody in your life who would just love the gift of flight.  Consider yourself hinted at…..

My friend Nancy, and my "brother" Oliver Murphy


The Information School received some attention last year for this student-produced video, “Librarians do Gaga.”   It went “viral” on YouTube, and got mentioned all over the place. So, this is the kind of fun they’re having over at the iSchool!

So, I hope you’re enjoying the dawg/dog days of summer, and I hope maybe we’ll see you here soon, too! The weather’s fine, and we’re flying.

Harry and Kit, all smiles after the intro flight



Toby James



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