“In the summertime, when the weather is fine”

Busy, busy, busy!   That’s how it’s been for us here at Seattle Seaplanes!

We’ve had a couple of checkrides recently – two more ASES-rated pilots passed their checkrides. Our instructor Richard worked with two really nice guys, Dale and John, and both passed with “flying colors.”  Here’s a picture of John, who’s a “flying Saluki” (he attends Southern Illinois University, that is)

My pal John, a proud holder of a new ASES rating

(I’ll get a picture up here of Dale as soon as I can get it off of Richard’s camera!  Richard is a hard-working high school teacher, and he’s taking advantage of the summer break now for some well-deserved R&R)

Meanwhile, although Seattle is having a somewhat cool summer, (especially compared to the rest of the country!) we’re having our share of nice, sunny days, too.  Here’s a picture, (courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons) of what the lake looks like on a busy day

photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons – johnzebedee

We like it this way – we know you will, too.  Come see us!


Toby James



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