First Solo!

Congratulations, Daniel Strong!

Congrats to my pal Daniel!

My pilot friends tell me that perhaps the most exciting flight of all is the first time you fly the airplane all by yourself…. it’s a huge milestone on the way to becoming a pilot, and it’s a day that no pilot ever forgets.

This week, my pal Daniel had his first solo!  He’s a local Seattleite, no stranger to the water or the air. He’s known for keeping his cool, (with a rather dry sense of humor underneath) but I know he was excited about this day. It was a big day for Daniel’s instructor, Greg, as well.

The path to getting your pilot license includes (obviously) the first solo flight.  Now, Daniel will start planning cross-country flights, and other tasks on his way to earning his full private pilot certificate. Did you know that Seattle Seaplanes is one of the only places (if not THE only place) in the USA where you can earn your private pilot certificate from the start? 

I’m waiting to join YOU next down on our dock here at Seattle Seaplanes!

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