We had some super nice days here at 0W0 this week – it may be fall, but there’s still sunshine to be had in the Pacific Northwest! It’s really a great time to go flying, what with the pretty fall colors, the water, and the mountains.

 Here’s a picture from one of our flights – looking northeast from the Hood Canal Bridge. (No, I didn’t take the picture myself. Nor was I in the plane at the time. But I love looking at the pictures afterwards!)

Hood Canal Bridge

  I saw two of my favorite people this week:  Bridget and Henrietta!  They’re both commercial pilots who earned their airplane single-engine seaplane (ASES) ratings from Seattle Seaplanes earlier this year. 

Two of my favorite flying ladies

We’re changing to Pacific Standard Time on Sunday Nov 7, so the hours of daylight are shorter and shorter. It’s a great time of year to go flying, though – the airplanes love the cool, dense air, and our pilots love showing you how much fun it is to fly off of (and onto) water. 

Holidays are coming!  I’m just saying……

See you soon, I hope!


Toby James

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