Fall comes to Lake Union

Well, the weather is changing in our little corner of Seattle (and beyond)  I admit I don’t like going outside quite as much when it’s pouring rain!  Fortunately, it’s not doing that yet (very much, that is!)  But, the leaves are turning, and it’s getting darker earlier and earlier….

We had some fantastic, fit visitors this week!  My pal PJ Glassey, who learned to fly here at Seattle Seaplanes, stopped by with a bunch of his “stepbrothers and stepsisters,”  and my friend Kit took them up for scenic flights!  They (including Kit) had just completed the American Lung Association’s Fight For Air Stairclimb over in Bellevue.  PJ’s team, “Xgym Wins Again,” raised over $3,000 for the cause, and were the fastest to the top, too!   Several of the athletes are ranked as the top competitive stairclimbers in the world, and I loved meeting world-class athletes.  They’re pretty good at playing tug-of-war with me and my orange toy bone! 

(by the way, that’s PJ flexing his muscles on the top of our Flight Training page)

Here I am with my pal PJ, and alll his stairclimbing buddies


Because I have four legs, it would take me a while to climb the stairs, so I’m going to leave it to the experts!

Meanwhile, this week, we had visitors from Romania, England, and many other places.  The weather may be turning, but it’s still a great day to fly!

We also had a flight up to Mt. Rainier – isn’t it gorgeous?

Mt Rainier, as viewed from N5721T

 So, the weather may be turning, but we’re still flying. Come see Seattle from above!  (no stairclimbing required!)


Toby James

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