Check out our new sign!

Our new sign!

Hey, everybody!

Thanks for reading my blog! It’s a gorgeous fall day here at Seattle Seaplanes, and we have a great new sign to show off!  Now, when you humans are walking, biking, or driving along Fairview Ave. E, you’ll see an iconic image of Mt. Rainier and a seaplane, with our name in great big red letters.

Yeah, we fly to Mt. Rainier. Mt. St. Helens, too. And the San Juan Islands. And just about anywhere else you can think of in the Pacific Northwest!


Oh, sorry, I got distracted there for a minute…. anyway, you get the point.  We have a pretty new sign, and you should come see it. And come see me! 

See ya on the Lake! (or as I like to call it, “Lake Tobegon”)


Toby James

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