Welcome to Toby’s Dog Blog

Here I am amongst the flower beds at our dock. See the Space Needle in the background?

So, let me introduce myself.  My full name is Toby James Chrysler, although most people just call me “Toby” or “Tobes.” I’m a Doberman Pinscher, and I’m about five years old (which is considered a ‘young adult’ in dog years).  I’ve been an important part of the Seattle Seaplanes family for all my life! I’m the staff psychologist, the congeniality officer, and I provide hive security for my “dad” Jim’s honeybees.

Now that we have this spiffy new website, I’m going to post occasional blog entries about life here on Lake Union. We’re always up to something here at Seattle Seaplanes, and I want to share it with you. Better yet, why don’t you come take a flight with us and see for yourself?

You may be asking:  a blog?  from a dog?  I say, “why not?”  I have a unique perspective on life at Seattle Seaplanes, and, besides, Dobermans are in the top five of the smartest dogs.  And, I’m a very expressive dog with a lot to say!

A few notes about myself:

  • I’ve got a “little brother” at home: Oliver Murphy. He’s a Dachshund, and sometimes he comes to Seattle Seaplanes, too.
  • No, I’ve never been in an airplane, but I love to ride in the truck! Or car.
  • I’m really quite friendly!
  • There are few things in this world I love more than my toy orange bone.


Oliver Murphy

Here's my "brother from another mother," Oliver

That’s about it for now!  Come see me at Seattle Seaplanes!!


Toby James

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