Happy Autumn!

The Tobes and The Brides

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to update my blog….. I’ve been a busy dog!

I just had to share some happy news with you, though. My friends Kit and Nancy got married recently, and I got to be there! My
“little brother” Oliver and my “mom and dad” were there, too. (so were some other dogs, and I wasn’t so happy about that, but I kept it civil, for Kit and Nancy’s sake!)

"Mom and Oliver"

“Mom and Oliver”


Kit and Nancy are longtime partners, and thanks to a law passed last year in our home state of Washington, they were able to wed legally. Kit’s one of our pilots here at Seattle Seaplanes, and Nancy is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Washington Information School.

It was a beautiful fall day up in the Cascade mountains, and lots of people from near and far were there. I even saw my friend Nicole from the Netherlands!

I got to show off my tricks to my new friends, too. Everywhere I went, it seemed people were saying “is this the famous Toby James?”

Come see us down here on Lake Union! And congrats to Kit and Nancy!

Toby James

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