Happy Holidays, and congrats to two new ASES pilots!

Matt from Michigan

Matt from Michigan

Hey, everybody! Happy Holidays!  We all enjoyed our US Thanksgiving recently, and then had a bunch of fun flying with a couple of cool guys: Brennin, and Matt.   They both came to Seattle Seaplanes to earn their ASES ratings, and we all had a good time! Matt came to us from Michigan, where he gets to watch seaplanes take off and land on some of the small lakes near his house.  He was out here to visit family on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, and decided it would be a great time to earn his float rating.  We sure had fun!  

My Navy pal Brinnen

My pal Brennin

Brennin also has a military connection, except in his case, he’s actually flying F18s!  A little different from our Cessna 172, but he assured me that it’s all just as fun (even if he’s going only 70 knots, instead of 300!) You can come fly with us too – whether you have a connection to the military or are a civilian (like me)  Flights, be they lessons or scenic flights or dinner flights, make great presents — and it’s that time of year!  Just contact us for details. Happy Holidays, everyone!  May your days be merry and bright. Cheers,–Toby James

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