Happy New Year, Happy New ASES Pilot, Happy Playoffs!

Happy New Year!

Seattle Seahawks - home of the 12th Man! (or Dog)

Seattle Seahawks – home of the 12th Man! (or Dog)

We’ve had a busy winter so far here at Seattle Seaplanes. Even though the weather doesn’t always cooperate, we have been able to fly most days, and it’s been beautiful!

In mid-December, my friend Jim got his ASES rating with us. He flew with our instructor James, and they had a great time. Jim told us something funny – he said he was going to save all his receipts from his training, put them under glass on a coffee table, and then tell his friends about his “several-thousand-dollar-coffee-table.” Ha! (Hey, it does cost something to get your ASES rating, but it’s also plenty rewarding, so don’t let cost slow you down!)

My friend Jim - is that a cookie in his hand?

My friend Jim – is that a cookie in his hand?

We’re very excited here at Seattle Seaplanes about our hometown Seattle Seahawks! They had a great regular season, going 13-3, and wrapping up a first-round bye and home field advantage for the playoffs! The road to the Super Bowl officially goes through Seattle, yay! (but my friend Kit is worried that she’ll have a major conflict on Feb 2, if her beloved Denver Broncos and her hometown Hawks meet in the big game! Time will tell….)

So, Happy New Year! Why not make a resolution to come fly with us in 2014? And, Go Hawks! #12thman

Toby James

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