Love is in the air!


Won't you be my Valentine?

Did you know it’s almost Valentine’s Day?

Here at Seattle Seaplanes, we’re all about love and romance. I mean, we get to fly people for their special occasions all the time.  We’ve had people meet on our flights, propose on our flights, get married on our flights, fly to/from wedding receptions on our flights, and celebrate anniversaries on our flights! 

My people here know how to make your special occasion unforgettable.  I know – because as the song says, “I’m a lover, not a fighter!”

Anybody can buy a box of chocolates or flowers for Valentine’s Day.  (And, although chocolate is bad for dogs, I understand its appeal to humans.) Nothing wrong with those ideas for Valentine’s, but how about surprising your sweetie with a flight?  A scenic flight, a dinner flight, a private charter…. even a flight lesson!  It’s something unique and memorable for both of you!

Here’s a picture taken by our flight student Rick Hudson. He proposed to his fiance, Flor, from one of our seaplanes.

She said Yes, by the way!

So, as Feb 14 approaches, take a tip from your pal, Toby. A seaplane flight makes a fantastic gift!   And, I’d love to see you, too!

Toby James
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