The Boat Show, The Boat Show, The Big Seattle Boat Show!

A banner for the show, along our street


January can be a quiet time around the lake. The weather usually keeps most folks inside, rather than out on their sailboats or paddleboards or what have you.  Or, at least, there are a lot fewer boats out at this time of year.

Many masts

Until this week, that is!  It’s time for the great, big Seattle Boat Show, an annual event that turns thoughts to summer, and nautical fun. The main show is at the Qwest Events Center, but here on Lake Union, we get to see the “boats afloat” part of the show. The south end of the lake has become Boat Central:  fancy yachts, beautiful sailboats, fun cruisers – they’re all there!

It sure is fun to be down here on the lake (even if the geese honk at me a little too much….)  Always something to see!

This week, we also saw a semi-annual event: the unusual sight of floating buildings! Lake Union Crew has two buildings they use for their clubhouse, and these unusual buildings are also certified vessels, allowing them to be taken anywhere on inland waters. 

If you’re a pilot, stop for a moment to think about dodging a two-story building on final approach….

M/V Inspiration (or is it M/V Unity? I dunno - I'm just a dog) of the Lake Union Crew

If boaters are thinking boats, I’m thinking seaplanes!  Maybe you should be, too.  Just a thought….


Toby James

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