New instructor in the house!

James and me, just after his checkride

BIG congratulations are in order around here:  my buddy James just passed his Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) test!

James has been flying here at Seattle Seaplanes for a few years now. He’s flown many of our scenic flights, and entertained his passengers every moment of the flight.  He’s been a pilot for his entire adult life, just about, and now he gets to add the initials “CFI” after his name!

Becoming a flight instructor is a tough, but rewarding, process (or so they tell me – I’m just a dog, so I’m just going by what they tell me 🙂  James stuck with it, and I think that’s just grand.

Congrats, James, from your old pal “Turkey Lips” !!!!

Come see all of us before 2011 comes to a close….  and/or make plans to see us in 2012!


Toby James

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