Way to go, Jennie!

The newest certified Airframe mechanic!

I’m just so proud of our staff – they keep doing incredible things!  Our Jennie is now an FAA-certified Airframe mechanic!

Jennie has been studying and working really hard down at South Seattle Community College, and her hard work has paid off.  She passed her Airframe test, and has pieces of paper from both the FAA and SSCC to prove it!   There are not very many female airplane mechanics out there (I don’t know the percentages; I’m a dog, so I have to have help looking up stuff like that, and we will find out soon!)  But our Jennie is now one of them, in the Airframe department, and our Heather will be up next in about six months’ time.
Jennie’s taking some well-deserved time off over the holidays, and will return to start tackling the next phase of mechanic schooling: Powerplant. 
Congrats, Jennie, and Happy Holidays, everyone!
Toby James
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