Pictures with some of my (many) pals!

 Warfield cousins like dogs. And dogs like Warfield cousins!

One of the things I love most about being here at Seattle Seaplanes is, without a doubt, the people.  We have the best folks in the world, whether they’re visiting, or whether they work here!

Here are a few photos of me with some of my favorite people. (actually just about all people are my favorite people, and here are a few of them!!)
Here are my friend Kit, and her cousin Sarah, who was visiting from Montana.  They both grew up on cattle ranches with lots of dogs, and they know how to play!
James and Toby James

Here I am with my pal James, who’s studying hard for his CFI exam. James flies our scenic flights, and will soon be instructing here as well.  James and I are great buddies, even if he does call me “Turkey Lips.”

Bob and Toby
And here I am with my friend , Bob.   Bob is one of our instructors – he’s often around here on the weekends. 
I love all my pals, and I’m also always in the market for more friends, so please stop by to see me!
Toby James
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