Springtime for Seaplanes and Toby James

Daffodils! A sure sign that spring is on its way

So, it seems like people like to talk about the weather a lot, and nobody does anything about it.  That’s what they tell me, anyway.  Me, being a Doberman, I don’t really give the weather a lot of thought. (except really HOT weather.  Not a fan.)

But!  I can tell that the weather is changing, and spring is really just around the corner.  We’ve had some really windy days here on Lake Union (you pilot-types would be interested to know that means about 15-20kts of wind.)  Rain comes and goes, and we’ve even had some hail. 

The sun, though, is shining–sometimes–and sunset is coming later and later. And the air is warming up!

What else does spring bring to the lake?  Why, birds of course!

My nemeses (plural of ‘nemesis’) are the Canada geese who frequent the lake.  They swoop in, honk at me, look cross-eyed, and then, er, “do their business” all over the dock.  That is, if I don’t catch ’em first!!!

Here are some photos of me in a standoff with my geese foes.



Please, come see our flowers as they’re blooming, and save me from the geese!

Hey! This is my dock!


T0by James

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